Friday, March 23, 2012

Wyatts first step!

Wyatts first (offical) step!!! Hopefuly now that Wyatt finaly walked without anything maybe he will walk all by himself, and stop using the wall and everything around him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of Pix

Troy Graduated from BOOT!

After Troy graduated from boot Amanda helped move the kids and I to Goose Creek, SC. Then in Nov Mom and Dad Packer came to help me out with the kids while I did my Thyroid treatment. We were able to do lots of fun things with them while they were here. One day we just went to the park and played with the kids. So here are some pictures from that.

Then we went and saw the Yorktown. Its an old aircraft carrier. They've used this ship for some movies after its been retierd. We got to go on and see what it looked like on the inside and also walk on the top deck and see different planes.

This is us on the ferry going over to Ft. Sumter.
This is us at Ft. Sumter standing in front of a cannon.

Zoey liked to look in the cannons to see what was inside. She was disapointed that all that was in them was dirt. lol

Mom holding Wyatt back at our house.
Our first Christmas in the Navy!
Wyatt opening his first present from Santa. He wasnt sure if he liked the idea at first but then he found out that he doesnt get into truble ripping the paper and joined right in and opened his gift.
Zoeys gift she got from Grams.

I got a butterfly necklace from Troy
I gave him a nice watch to wear with his dress clothes. Eventhough he would stop talking about wanting one he was still suprised he got one.

Things are going really good here. We LOVE our house and everyday we are meeting new people and enjoying our time here. Troy is at school a lot and only gets a little time with us but we are slowly working things out. Troy will graduate in March and will soon after that start up again. Troy is doing really good in school.
The kids are growing up really fast. Wyatt has four teeth now and is walking around on everything. I think he will be walking by himself here pretty soon. Zoey started to potty train but it got kinda crazy cuz I got sick so we are taking a little break then jumping into it again. I hope she can pick it up fast. Zoey loves to read, so we have been reading to her every night. She loves princesses, anything that is princess she thinks that she has to have it. So we've had lots of fun with that. Zoey has a couple of friends here and like to go and play with them.
I just stay busy taking care of the house and the kids but I do have some friends that I go and visit with the kids. Im still trying to figure out my health and how I feel. But we are all doing really good and Love and Miss you all!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Got a Call!!!!!

Troy called me this morning at 7:40. We were able to talk for 5min. He is doing good, but he does have a cold. They are running him hard and he is getting in shape its just taking sometime. He wanted me to tell you all hi and that he loves you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just to let you know the pic or kinda out of order.

This is Riley, Kimberly, Carly, Kate, and Zoey waiting to start off the Easter egg hunt hat the park here in Tempe AZ.

The hunt started and Zoey didn't go and get any because she was scared of all the people. So Amy and Grandma helped her find some eggs that the kids left all behind. I'm glad that we went together because there had to be over 100 kids there.

This is one of Zoey's eggs. She liked it go much she didn't want to give it up.

This is the kids after the hunt at the park.

Later that evening when Elaine got home from work we went over to her house to find some more eggs. So we went over to the park behind her house and hid some for the kids.

Here are all the kids coming to the park to find more eggs including Troy lol jk.

Zoey and Wyatt getting ready to find some eggs. Wyatts first hunt so Zoey has a lot to teach him.

But it looks like he didnt need any help.

Zoey liked it a lot better when it was only her looking for the eggs and didnt have all the kids running around her and taking the eggs.

All done and heading back to Elaine's house to see what we found.

Troy and Wyatt stopping to show Zoey how to take a picture.

Zoey going through her eggs and found money inside. She was sad that she didnt get any candy, thankfully Elaine had some M&M's that we could give her.

Carly showing what she got.

Zoey decorating her eggs after the first hunt at the park.

Grandma helping the kids decorating the kids.

The kids dying the eggs.

Grandma helping Zoey write her name on her egg.

The kids dying more eggs.

Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here are some pictures of Wyatt! Elaine wanted to experiment with her camera so Wyatt washer model, they turned out really cute.

Don't know why these are side ways they weren't when I loaded them.

Love this one!